How Do You See Love?

I just finished reading Home to Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani. Like many of her novels, it takes place in the mountains of Virginia. I have always wanted to live in those mountains, but fate seems to have eluded me in my efforts, so I figure I can at least read about them every chance I get. And Trigiani, having grown up in that area, seems to capture the essence of the land and its people better than any other writer I can think of.

One of the things she mentioned in this book is that people view love and romance differently. To quote directly from the book:

“She believed romance was a birthright, that the search for true love was mandatory, and that, ultimately, life was downright sad without it. I always looked at romance as though it were an extra, and only if a woman was lucky would she find her happiness.”

Up until that moment, I had never really given the topic that much thought, but it does seem that people treat romance as though it were some sort of creature with a distinct personality, and each person’s “creature” is in a class by itself.

I’ve seen some people pursue it like it’s an animal to be hunted down and shot, and those unfortunates are usually destined to a life of loneliness.

Others ignore it, and let it come to them. They seem to find love in spite of themselves.

As for me, I look at it as if this love creature were a precious gift. Some people get it, some people don’t. And when you do get it, it should be cherished, lest it be taken away. This gift may come in a form that you hadn’t anticipated. It could be a different animal entirely from what you had imagined, so you have to approach it with an open mind.

Some people are lucky enough to receive this gift several times in the course of their lives. Others only experience it once or not at all. Rightly or wrongly, I feel that it’s often out of our control. Oh, you can coax it toward you, you can offer it a comfortable place to stay, but only it can decide whether or not to stick around.

How do you see love?

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