Clicking my 6 Inch Heels

I love my WordPress statistics page. It tells me what countries have visited my blog and how often, it gives me hints as to how readers have found me, and it even tells me when people click on my attached photos to enlarge and/or copy them. Not to worry though, it doesn’t break this information down to specific individuals. Big Brother may be watching you, but he’s not watching that closely.

I have noticed a disturbing little fact that I wish I did not know about. By far, the most clicked upon photograph of all the photos attached to all my 474 blog entries to date is this one:

 high heels fallon 6 inch black patent stilletto

I used this photo in a blog entry called The Destruction of Women to illustrate the many torturous things we do to women’s bodies. Unfortunately I suspect that the vast majority of people that are being drawn to this blog entry are being drawn to it by this photo. They find it in Google Images, and then come in for an enlarged copy. It gets clicked on daily. So the very people who need to read this blog entry the most are most likely not reading it, but in fact using it to feed their warped fantasies.

Do you ever feel like you’re desperately shouting down a deep and empty well?

The next most viewed photo is from that same blog entry:



And here’s the distant third, from my blog entry entitled The Business of Sexualization, in which I was trying to make the point that it is harder for women to be taken seriously in the workplace when there are photos out there making these jobs less about competence and more about sex.


To make matters worse, here are some recent search terms people have used to find my blog, although in some cases I have no idea why these terms would bring them to me:

  • Anorexic women with breast implants
  • Breast augmentation
  • D breast implants
  • Naked women in mud
  • 6 inch pumps
  • Women wearing 6 inch heels
  • Breast implant beautiful
  • Prostitution Buenos aires how much
  • Wearing black high heels
  • Washing machine masturbation
  • Black women wearing high heels
  • Take your knickers down
  • Naked farmers blog

Also, thank heavens WordPress has a good spam filter, because not a day goes by when I don’t have a spam comment on a random blog entry that is trying to redirect people to their porn site.

This makes me want to pour a gallon of hot bleach over my head. Honestly, I wonder sometimes if people are here just for the pictures. It’s disheartening.


14 thoughts on “Clicking my 6 Inch Heels

  1. When I’m bored, that’s what I do. I go look at the search terms that have led to my blog. It is hilarious, until it’s not. And then you’re just plain creeped out. Do people actually google all of that? Yikes!

  2. Carole

    I never used to look at the images. I have to click on a load image button. But I got to thinking, You loaded the image for impact or to make a point about the article, so I started looking. This picture I love because I know that I will never again be able to wear high heels and because it looks like the shoe on My Husband’s Leg Lamp… from the movie A Christmas Story. It sits about 12 feet away in the window. I think you have posted several that I wish I had not opened one is of the Russian Barbie. But there are many to like.
    I do want you to know I totally agree with your blogs on the Destruction of Women and The Business of Sexualization. And I click on the image after I read the post.

  3. b

    i got here searching “six inch heels” to add to a conversation with a friend about how they’re painful and absurd, if thats any consolation…yikes about those search terms. disgusting.

  4. Firewalker

    It’s interesting that the WordPress stats page goes into that much detail. It’s also kind of strange if not bizarre that those types of search terms would bring a person to your Blog.

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for a specific type of fractal program to generate an orbital fractal called a strange attractor. I know why I got to your blog because you used the 2 terms I had in my search in the same blog post. It put your blog several results down the page but the results emphasis was on your fractals and not on your actual blog.

    I seldom click on images (Click Bait) unless they are relevant to the story I’m reading and that’s mostly when reading the BBC.

    However I’m glad I found your page. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you found it too. And that 6 inch heel photo is STILL the most viewed image on my site, to my disgust. I leave it there in hopes that maybe one or two will actually read the article and learn a thing or two. But it still makes me want to shower in bleach every day.

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