How the Republicans Helped Kill my Boyfriend

Today would have been my boyfriend’s 59th birthday. He had tons of health issues. In the year before his death I had either called 911 or driven him to the emergency room on 5 occasions. Most nights we didn’t sleep fully because he couldn’t breathe. In fact he had to fight for nearly every breath he took. It was heartbreaking to witness.

When the Affordable Care Act came along I heaved a huge sigh of relief because I thought that finally he would have the health insurance he so desperately needed, and perhaps get some continuity of care for a change instead of these spot checks by harried emergency room doctors and yet another bill to add to the 90,000 dollars’ worth of medical debt that he had racked up and would never be able to repay.

Unfortunately, due to his declining health his income had declined as well. Because of his low income, he didn’t qualify for the Affordable Care Act insurance. In a just and decent world, he would have then been able to get Medicaid. But no. We were in a red state, Florida, and that meant that Rick Scott, the evil republican governor, refused to accept the federal funding that would allow the Medicaid program to expand enough to accept people like my boyfriend who fell between the cracks. In fact it widened the crack considerably.

This meant that my boyfriend was in the awkward position of being too poor for Affordable Care and too rich for Medicaid. So he continued to have no insurance at all. Until that fateful day when it was no longer needed.

They found his body in his truck in front of the pharmacy just a few blocks from home. He was clutching his rescue asthma inhaler. What a horrible, lonely, terrifying way to go.

I will never know what happened that day, but I will always think that if he had been able to get adequate medical care, if his asthma and his heart issues could have been brought under control, the love of my life would still be alive. And the only thing that stood between him and that medical care was a republican governor who was trying to make a political point. And the final bitter irony is that my boyfriend was many things, but a democrat was not one of them.

Make no mistake: any political party that is willing to risk peoples’ lives just so they can try to make a president’s initiative look bad and therefore garner more votes for their party is evil. Republicans do not care whether you live or die. They just care about manipulating your vote. People are dying in red states. Fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, and daughters. They’re dying because they can’t get the insurance that would easily be available to them if these republican governors accepted the available federal funding. And they’ve left behind loved ones who can vote.

So please vote tomorrow. Please. Do it for my boyfriend and for the many other people like him.


Rick Scott, you creepy, lizard-like man with no conscience, j’accuse.


8 thoughts on “How the Republicans Helped Kill my Boyfriend

  1. Melvin Collins (Mel Ksham)

    My heart goes out to you Barbara, I hope that Republican sympathisers will take note & realise the folly of their ways……..Trans-Atlantic virtual hug to you……Keep up the good fight 🙂

  2. That is not only tragic but avoidable, which makes it more tragic.We have been phone banking working class families for a month for Charlie. Unfortunately from feed back, most have been duped into voting for a millionaire thief over the same old tired wedge issues, Florida compares nicely to Louisiana: a recent poll revealed that 29% of them blame Obama for the federal governments inadequate response to Katrina! That’s who is voting. I’ll vote for Charlie and hope for an upset.

  3. Reblogged this on The View from a Drawbridge and commented:

    Once again, our health coverage is under attack. You may not like Obamacare, but 16.4 MILLION people in this country were newly covered in 2015 alone, and insured Americans are at a statistical all-time high. The republicans want to take this away, and have no plan to replace it. Of greatest concern to baby boomers should be the thought that the preexisting conditions exclusions could come back. That would be for everyone, not just for those covered under the Affordable Care Act.
    So as much as it pains me to have to repost this blog entry, which was even more painful to write, and absolutely excruciating to live through, I feel I have no choice. This is what can happen when the people you love can’t get adequate health care. Because of this, I will never be the same. But this is just one story of thousands upon thousands. Feel free to share it.

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