Stupid Stats

There’s a commercial that drives me up a wall. It’s for Glad garbage bags and it says, “Bargain bag users go through 60 more bags a year than Glad users.” And it includes a dire image of a bag bursting and scattering disgusting garbage all over the floor.

Seriously? Where did they get that particular statistic? First of all, I only use one garbage bag a week, bargain or no bargain. For me to burst 60 bags, I’d have to have done it every single week, and then some. I think I’d remember that. I also think that if I knew someone who had that extreme experience, he or she would be talking about it. But not a gripe out of anyone I know.

And then there’s the assumption that someone who did constantly have their garbage strewn all over their foyer would stupidly continue to use that particular product, over and over and over again, 60 times a year. That’s insulting. I mean, yes, we did re-elect Bush twice, but I’d like to think that the American consuming public is a little more savvy than that.

Whenever I hear a suspicious statistic like this, one that couldn’t possibly have been obtained with any degree of accuracy, I get annoyed. I don’t like being lied to. And it’s so unnecessary. Glad has a good reputation for putting out a quality product. They’ve been in business since 1963. They shouldn’t have to resort to dirty advertising tricks. Sorry Glad, don’t get mad, but this commercial seems a little pathetic and desperate to me. Give your customers a little credit.

That’s the end of my trash talking for today.


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5 thoughts on “Stupid Stats

  1. Christina

    I think they’re saying that since their bag is superior, you can cram more garbage into them without fear of the bag bursting, so you’ll need to use fewer bags? I’m with you though, the bag goes out every Friday, full or not, cheap or expensive.

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