Abiding Truth, Indeed.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Scott Lively, president of Abiding Truth Ministries, believes that “Homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive anti-social impulses.” The guy is, in short, a nut job.

According to Addicting Info, “Lively told Trunews that homosexuality should be considered “more offensive” than mass killings, because gay people caused the Great Flood that wiped out the human race.” (I would have gone directly to the crackpot fundamentalist Trunews for that quote, but within 2 minutes of listening to that radio show I got so disgusted that I couldn’t carry on.)

It’s safe to say that most Americans don’t take Scott Lively seriously. He once wrote a Holocaust revisionist book blaming that tragedy on the homosexuals, too. Whatever. Since his warped theories weren’t gaining traction here at home, he took his hate abroad and helped Uganda orchestrate laws that can get you thrown in prison for life for loving someone of the same gender. What makes this even more horrifying is that what he truly wanted was that these people get the death penalty. He also is taking credit for anti-gay policies in Russia.

That’s where our federal courts come in, for once getting something right. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Lively just lost his last appeal and will therefore be taken to trial for crimes against humanity. That’s something that doesn’t happen very often, so it has to make you blink.

I hope justice prevails in this instance. This man is sick, twisted, and deadly. He needs to be stopped.


[Image credit: constantinereport.com]


7 thoughts on “Abiding Truth, Indeed.

  1. Even the US, with so few limitations on speech, sees that speech with such a direct causal link to serious harm should be legally challengeable. Canada, which outlaws hate speech, sees that hate speech actually reduces freedom of speech, because it shuts up the victim group and makes others less likely to listen to them. Look up Bill Whatcott to read about that.

    1. Wow, thanks for that. Whatcott is a piece of work! It doesn’t surprise me that he sniffed glue as a child. It gave me pause that he ran for office in Toronto, but why not, with a crack smoking mayor? It’s really, really disturbing that so many sick people roam our streets. Hope to hear more comments from you in the future, Clare!

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