Great Messages. Almost.

The Close But Not Quite Award goes to the song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. It’s a catchy tune, no doubt about it. And it tries to get across the message that you don’t have to be a size two to be beautiful. That’s a message that young girls need to hear today more than ever. It would have been perfect if she hadn’t thrown in the lines, “Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size. She says, ‘Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.’”

So close! But now, instead of being a song that says it’s okay not to be a stick figure, it’s okay to be who you are, it turns into a song that says, “Okay, so you’re not skinny, but boys actually like your type of body.” Meghan, Meghan… the actual message we need to get out there is that you don’t need some boy to validate you no matter what size you are. We need a song that says, “Love yourself.” You can do it, Meghan. You almost did. Try again!

The Even Closer But Still Not Quite Award goes to the website Their videos about pay inequality, domestic violence and women’s rights will definitely get your attention. And that’s important. But their main premise seems to be that in order to speak out you have to have a potty mouth. That makes you think the message is so offensive that you have to be offensive to say it.

I actually think women and girls can speak with dignity and class and still get their point across. Don’t believe me? Look at Malala Yousafzai, one of my personal heroes. A more dignified young woman you will never see. And yet she spreads the word.

The feminist message needs a wide variety of voices. Not all of them will be spot on. It is gratifying to see that there are more and more out there to choose from, at the very least.


7 thoughts on “Great Messages. Almost.

  1. I agree with your article. The sad fact is we could rip every last glass ceiling crashing to the ground, and we’d STILL have the Meghan’s of the world shaking their “booty” announcing bigger is better cause … ‘bass’.

    (… which I assume also involves ‘moving my hips like yeah.”) Honestly, who the crap knows.

    I think we should try something new. Stop defining feminine and our fight for social and political equality by what we really are instead of what we have convinced ourselves we are not. Politician, CEO, President, Advocate AND YES, stripper, religious zealot, spacey rockstar. A sexphone opporator who loves her job, even at $3.99 a minute, has every right to pursue whatever poor life choices she chooses. Either we are serious about equality or we’re kidding ourselves. It may not be the better world I’m sure Gloria Steinem or Malala Yousafzai imagined, but hey, just ask Meghan’s mother, life is full of disappointments. Besides, equality isn’t a cure all for the world’s ills it is merely a step in the right direction. We are fighting for the freedom to make choices and have the same opportunities as men enjoy today. Socially, politically, economically. What those choices actually are? What roads they take or booty they shake isn’t really the point. ESPECIALLY when we should be focusing on. I recently learned from MsMagazine “violence against females in the world has reached such heights that, for what may be the first time in history, females are no longer half the human race. There are now 100 women per 101.3 men on this Spaceship Earth.”

    Aaand on that note, I thought I would share a link to cleanse our palates from Meghan being all about that Bass ’bout that bass… bass… bass…” Oh god I can actually FEEL the IQ points evaporating

    1. First of all, EXCELLENT palate cleanser! And depressing statistic. I wonder sometimes if we’ll ever view all this violence as terrorism against our gender and get organized? Yes, equal rights includes the rights to make our own mistakes. You’re a wise woman. 🙂

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