Florida Shame

One of the best things about having left Florida is that I no longer have to bear the embarrassment of being a resident of that insane state. From hanging chads to the Elian Gonzalez debacle to the stand your ground law and people like George Zimmerman who choose to abuse it, to the draconian voting regulations and the reelection of Governor Rick Scott, as a Floridian it just makes you want to hang your head and not make eye contact with anyone.

But recent news takes the cake. Just when you think that state couldn’t sink any lower, geographically or morally, they pull a caper like this. Now that they have been forced, kicking and screaming, to make gay marriage legal, what has Duval County, the home of my old city, Jacksonville, along with two neighboring counties done? They’ve stopped doing courthouse marriages. For anyone. Why? Because some of their employees are apparently uncomfortable with complying with the new law. Boo hoo.

The question is, does that state try to make itself look ignorant, backward, and bat shit crazy, or is it just that way and it can’t help but broadcast it with every action it takes? And what do they gain from this image? I don’t get it.

When I lived there, news like this meant that I had this chronic, low grade heartburn feeling in my chest that I couldn’t seem to do anything about. It was gnawing away at my very spirit. Now, it just makes me slap my forehead from the opposite side of the country and think, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Crazy Florida

[Image credit: poorexcuses.com]


6 thoughts on “Florida Shame

  1. The soil does not corrupt the soil. Most people in Florida come from elsewhere, as you did. My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name, so more than likely is more native than the English tribes that came south to form the Seminoles. My ancestors could’t stop the invasion. I can’t stop the invasion. I don’t care who gets married, but social change is justly slow. Crazy people like you want immediate change, to what you see is right, because you are so perfect and so wise. I vote Independent. You vote for an agenda. Hollywood is filled with Liberals passing along advertising costs to the consumer. Oprah became rich even though she sponsored people like Dr. Oz who endorses products irresponsibly. Look it up. Good riddance to you.

  2. Why not use your words to say which points you disagree with? Too cowardly to defend your view on your own site? Don’t insult a region. You can join or leave a religion. A region is where you grow up. Are you such a horrible person?

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