Momma B’s Mac & Cheese

During my drive across country I came upon a delivery truck for Momma B’s Mac & Cheese, and the face on their logo, which one assumes is Momma B, was so scary I nearly drove off the road. Now, this is not to say that their product isn’t delicious. I have no idea, never having tried it. For all I know, it’s Mac & Cheese nirvana. And the fact that a portion of their profits goes to charity speaks well for the organization. But sorry, that face makes me want to run in the opposite direction.

This is why it’s important to get feedback from others before you commit to your advertising. Often you are too emotionally invested to see things clearly. I have no doubt, based on the website description, that Momma B was a wonderful person, and she was probably quite attractive in her day. But this particular drawing of her does not do her justice. In fact it makes her look a little demented.

Feedback is important. If JC Penney had asked my opinion, I’d have told them that while sex does indeed sell, their “when it fits, you feel it” campaign is rather crude. I’d have told Chevy that Nova means “doesn’t go” in Spanish. I’d have told that proud father in Central Florida that his restaurant was probably losing tons of customers due to those commercials of his daughter chewing with her mouth wide open.

Most advertising agencies use consumer panels to vet their ads before subjecting the public to them. I can understand the desire to cut costs, but some shortcuts cause more harm than good. Don’t avoid this step. Perspective is important.

Momma B

Momma B

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