Would You Travel to Cuba?

With the negotiations for the normalization of US/Cuban relations, there’s been this huge spike in Google searches for Cuban vacations. It’s controversial, of course. Just because the borders may open up to us does not mean that human rights violations won’t still be in full force. Just look at China.

So yeah, I did that Google search too, but not without a certain level of guilt. But if I had to agree with the governments of every country I travel to, I’d never go anywhere. Frankly, I couldn’t even travel locally if that’s the litmus test. My government just voted that Global Warming isn’t the fault of human beings. I couldn’t disagree more. Does that mean I have to stay on my couch? I do not look at people the same way I look at governments. God knows I don’t control what happens with my own.

And let’s face it, the embargo didn’t ever work. All it did was cause a great deal of suffering for the people of Cuba. The government itself did not budge at all, even when they stopped being propped up by Russia.

I genuinely believe that the earth becomes a much more peaceful place with increased interaction and exchanges of points of view. I believe it’s harder to hate someone you have gotten to know. I believe that even though most travelers won’t see the “real” Cuba, staying well within the tourist zone, they’ll still have an impact. Things will change. People will change. And not just the Cubans. We could all do with a broader worldview.

Even so, I think I’ll hold off a few years and wait to see how all of this plays out. I’d also like there to be a bit more tourist infrastructure in place before I go jetting off to parts unknown. I suspect that it’s not quite time to be passing out Cuban cigars. But my fingers are crossed for the near future.


[Image credit: globalcitizendaily.com]


3 thoughts on “Would You Travel to Cuba?

  1. Carole Lewis

    I know the Cruise Lines are waiting with bated breath. I do think that is the way to go. If the lines could stay in port more than a few hours. But I don’t know of any that you get to tour the islands at night. Still in a couple of years, I would certainly like to go.

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