Need Your Advice

Okay, my biggest challenge at the moment is making friends at age 50 when I live in a town where I know no one. And it doesn’t help that my “weekends” fall on Mondays and Tuesdays. That makes socializing complicated at best. I’m also rather shy.

I have a very outgoing friend who never met a stranger. So I asked him for some advice on the subject. He says making friends is like fly fishing. You have to cast your fly upon the waters about a hundred times before you get a hit. It’s really a numbers game.

So friends are like trout. I get it. But how do I catch one? He says men in particular come in two types. The ones that are aggressive and actively hunting (and I don’t think I’d like that type much at all), and the ones that will come part way, but won’t take the final step without some kind of a signal because they’ve been burned before. So you have to meet them part way.

The way he suggests I do that is have a business card, and if I feel a connection with someone I should give them my card, and they can decide whether or not to get in touch. He said that I should order 250 of them and give them all out. As timid as I am, I’ll be lucky to give out 10, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Here’s where you come in, dear reader. I need your advice. What do I put on this card to grab their attention? Here are some ideas:

Simply my name and e-mail. Or should I get creative and include something like:

  • I love pithy commentary, bad puns, and dry humor.
  • My dogs love me. And they’re great judges of character. Really. They are.
  • Did we just have a moment? Because it kind of felt like we had a moment. Hope you’ll be in touch! (This one might be weird if I were to give it to a potential female friend, though.)
  • I’m new to Seattle, and don’t know anyone. You seem nice. Just sayin’.

Any other suggestions? I’m open to them.

Or I could just cut right to the chase and say “Hello, sailor!”

Nah. Probably not.


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10 thoughts on “Need Your Advice

  1. Hm, this is a tough one. As I’m pretty shy too. Although I have changed a bit over the years. As for the business card. It’s kind of funny. I had business cards made up, one side had funny sayings on them, the other side had my name, email, blog URL. I gave some out at the grocery story when I ‘met’ someone friendly. You could do it that way.

    I like the dog comment. Lots of people like a person who is an animal person. So hey, nothing ventured nothing gained. Go to some of your favorite places you’ve found and start some conversations. If I can do it, anyone can. 🙂

  2. Elaine Lorefield

    I vote for the part about your dogs, too.. Also, you could mention Fractals and Fibonacci. Seattle is supposed to be a well-educated city.. might spike an interesting comment..and I vote for email only.. you don’t want them to reverse look up your could check out people in the library, watch for ones who peruse the same type books you do. Also, don’t jsut give them to guys.. Women have brothers and cousins and all that..just saying 🙂

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