My 50,000th View

By the time this gets posted, I will most likely have achieved a great landmark on this blog by receiving my 50,000th view. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around that concept. People have been interested in what I have to say 50,000 times. That doesn’t mean 50,000 different people have had that interest. Some of my most loyal readers stop by every day. But it’s still pretty freakin’ amazing.

In an effort to really grasp what 50,000 looks like, I’ve done some google searches and have also given it some deep personal thought. Here’s what I came up with.

50,000 is:

  • More than I paid for my house back when I owned one. (Which gives you a good idea of how long ago that was.)
  • The number of “ghost soldiers” recently reported to be fraudulently receiving a salary in the Iraqi army.
  • The number of gallons of oil that was spilled into the Yellowstone River in January. That’s 1,200 barrels.
  • The number of silver dollars on display in a bar in Western Montana. Not only would that take me completely out of debt, but it would give me a nice down payment on a house. If only.
  • The number of Hispanics in America that will turn 18 every month for the next two decades. I hope they vote.
  • The number of turkeys that died on a Michigan farm in August due to contaminated feed.
  • The number of miles it would take to go around the earth at the equator a little more than twice.
  • The number of dollar bills it would take to stretch around the earth a little more than once.
  • 7,600 square feet less than the size of a football field.
  • The minimum number of words that constitute a novel.

Thank you for all your views. Every single one means a great deal to me!

50000 DWT

According to, this vessel weighs 50,000 deadweight tons. May it continue to ply the waters, just as I plan to do.


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