Ode to a Neti Pot

There aren’t many things in life that can bring you such immense comfort for relatively little money as a Neti Pot. When I’m feeling really, really sick, it’s often the only thing that brings me any type of relief. That is, if you do it right. Don’t be like my late boyfriend, who thought you had to lean backward over a sink as if you were at the shampoo station of a hair salon. Neti Potting yourself at that angle is akin to waterboarding. While that might terrify the cold out of your head, you’ll also come away with a case of PTSD.

But if performed correctly, a good Neti will feel as if you are wrapping your brain in a warm, plush embrace after a long hard day in the freezing rain. Such relief. Like taking off a pair of shoes that are two sizes too small. Perhaps on some level it harkens us back to being in the womb.

According to Wikipedia, the first evidence of this practice is found in the Vedas of Ancient India, so possibly as early as 1700 BCE. Ah, the wisdom of the ancients. (Well, some of them, anyway. In Europe at that time they were still using leeches.)

Do you question my love? My dedication? How shall I prove it? If I had to gulp down a cup of wasabi in order to have the right to own a Neti Pot, I’d belly up to the bar right this minute, with a smile on my face.


[Image credit: healthproper.com]


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