Marketing Genius or Tasteless Idiocy?

At the risk of giving this disgusting company more free publicity, I feel compelled to talk a little about At first blush, this company, which rents out colorfully decorated campervans in many countries throughout the world, seems harmless, irreverent, and even fun. Their website has a bunch of 20 somethings posing nude in front of their rentals. I genuinely LIKE companies who think outside the box.

But then I started seeing what they write on those camper vans, for all the world to see, and it makes me a little sick. Here are a few examples:

  • She was asking for it in that skirt.
  • Drink Till She’s Pretty!
  • Save a whale, harpoon a jap.
  • If I promise not to kill you can I have a hug?
  • In every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once…
  • If you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot. If you make it home you’re a bloody legend.
  • It’s better to be black than gay coz you don’t have 2 tell your parents.
  • The best thing about oral sex—5 minutes of silence.
  • A wife: An attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done.
  • Dear Lucy: I can already imagine the gaffa tape on your mouth.
  • Men have two emotions—hungry and horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

Oh, I could go on forever, but what would be the point?

Here’s what I want to know:

  • Who would want to be seen in one of these tasteless vehicles?
  • What woman would rent one?
  • What woman would get into a van with a man who would rent one?
  • Who thought this would be a good idea?
  • How does this company stay in business?

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11 thoughts on “Marketing Genius or Tasteless Idiocy?

  1. Elaine Lorefield

    horrid and horrider!! they should be given tickets for having such nasty and obviously racist (also) slurs written in public.Disgusting is true.

  2. KerikM

    All right, as to that orange one…if something hurts, that means you shouldn’t be doing it, and when it comes to first times for anything, as far as I recall the main symptom is temporary mental disorientation/stress…anyway, I really get ticked off when people complain about my using “bad words”, when the earlier eras supposedly blessed by the scarcity of those words were filled with more expressions of racial, gender, religious, size, etc. etc. etc. hatred than today. Now these @#$%&’s–to call them dill holes insults both dill and holes–want to revive all the old stupid prejudices that some of us thought might be on the way to a blessed extinction.
    I have never had occasion to rent a van, but if I did I would not want any slogan on the side…I have long held that if someone wants me to wear their logo or their motto, they can bloody well pay ME.

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