What I Did for Like

On this particular day of the week I usually don’t rise until noon because I don’t go to work until 3 pm. So when the alarm went off at 7 am, I experienced some less than charitable thoughts. Especially since my dog Devo had been snoring most of the night. When he does that he sounds like a little old man muttering incomprehensively to himself. It makes me giggle, but it’s not conducive to deep sleep.

So I sat up in bed, rubbed my eyes, and thought, “Who does this? Have I completely lost my marbles?” I had agreed to meet a friend for breakfast. Waaaaaaaay on the other side of town. As in 25 miles through downtown Seattle rush-hour traffic. For eggs.

I thought of coming up with a lame excuse and going back to bed. But this is a friend who happens to be an airline pilot (my bff calls him my “flyboy”) and he rarely passes through Seattle. When he does it’s a high speed chase to catch up with him before he flies out again.

So I stumbled into the shower, then got dressed and hit the road. While sitting in stop and go traffic, I thought back to a time when I wouldn’t have considered driving 25 miles for anyone unless there was a good chance of a marriage proposal or at the very least a free car involved. And yet here I was. Stopping and going. What had changed?

It’s simple, really. I value true friends much more than I used to. Relocating 3000 miles from home to a place where no one knows you will do that to you. Suddenly friendship, the thing you always had been surrounded by, the thing that defined you, is no longer something you can take for granted.

For me these days, sitting across the table from someone who is genuinely interested in what’s going on with my life, and wanting to hear that person’s news as well, is a rare and precious opportunity. It’s worth more than sleep. It’s worth more than gold. It’s something to cherish. If I learned nothing else from this massive life change of mine, that lesson made it all worthwhile.

Breakfast with a friend is priceless. I might even have been persuaded to drive more than 25 miles for it. Maybe even 26. And the eggs were all the more delicious for the company.


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14 thoughts on “What I Did for Like

  1. Irene

    As we all know, there are friends and friends. I have only one true friend, and she is worth her weight in gold. Lovely blog.

  2. Elaine Lorefield

    Glad you had a good breakfast.. I was jsut the same visiting a friend when I was home to see my Mom. We had great Mexican food, beer and picked up talking as if we had seen each other yesterday.. yep friends are worth it!

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