Exploring Seattle—Alki and Endolyne Joe’s

I stumbled upon the Alki neighborhood of Seattle purely by accident, which made my exploration of it even more of a delight. I was meeting a friend for breakfast at Endolyne Joe’s. Several people had recommended this place to me, but I had never had reason to be in that part of town before.

According to its website, Endolyne Joe’s is “named after a ne’er do well conductor of old trolley no. 2, who had an eye for a well-turned leg and an insatiable thirst for a good time.” (I’m assuming they are referring to Joe, not the trolley, here.)

I do love a good irreverent eating establishment. And this one was quite good indeed. The food was great (I had a huge breakfast burrito), but the atmosphere was even better. It seems they redecorate the entire interior periodically. The whole staff gets involved. That must be fun. Right now its theme is Chicago. The next one will be Cuba. And if I could have figured out how to bundle one of their gorgeous chunky wooden tables into the back of my van without being noticed, the really nice waitress would be standing in the middle of an empty floor scratching her head right now.

Once the waitress discovered that we were new to the area, she gave us a bunch of sightseeing tips, and that came in handy because we had some time to kill and hadn’t thought about sightseeing. We wound up driving along the water’s edge, and were treated to some spectacular views.

Alki Point juts out into the Puget Sound, and you can look across the water to Blake Island. You also get to watch the ferries come and go. It’s quite breathtaking. There are a few parks, and even a lighthouse. The neighborhood reminds me of a sleepy Florida beach town, only with hills, and is full of arts and crafts bungalows, which, unfortunately, are so far out of my price range as to be not even worth contemplating.

I’ve no doubt the area is crowded in the summertime, as it is the site of many musical events. As we were soon to find out, this area is also known as the birthplace of Seattle (complete with monument), as this is where the first white settlement was located. I wonder what the local Native Americans think of that.

I love the fact that there is so much more of Seattle to explore! I look forward to finding more of these neighborhood gems as time goes on.

Alki Beach Seattle

Me-Kwa-Mooks Park SeattleMe-Kwa-Mooks Park Seattle 2

Alki Seattle Barb w space needle


5 thoughts on “Exploring Seattle—Alki and Endolyne Joe’s

  1. Irene

    Came across your blog initially by accident, so glad I did. Always been fascinated by Seattle, so enjoying all your escapades and journeying, appreciate the photos too, makes it more personal. so thank you for sharing.

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