Exploring Seattle – El Camión

Well, I’m rather pleased with myself. I think I may have discovered Seattle’s best kept secret—something most tourists will never experience. It’s called El Camión, which is Spanish for “the truck” and that’s exactly what it is. They have three food trucks in the Seattle area, plus one restaurant location, and they all serve authentic Mexican cuisine.

I’ve driven by this place for ages, but never stopped. I mean… it’s a food truck. But I have to admit it’s a food truck with a freakin’ long line every day. That many customers can’t be wrong. So the other day I stopped by on pure impulse.

Standing in line brought me back to my study abroad days in Mexico. I’d say 75 percent of the people there were speaking Spanish, and I was thrilled that I still understood them. I was wondering how I was going to pull this off, because I didn’t see a menu anywhere, but then the person in line ahead of me passed their one laminated copy back to me. Huge relief. It also added a sort of, “We’re all in this together” atmosphere, and when I was done with the menu I passed it on to the person behind me.

There was a lot to choose from. The guy in front of me ordered two tongue tacos, but I didn’t have the courage for that. But knowing I’d probably be blogging about this place, I wanted to order a bit of a variety so I could speak with some authority. (That’s the excuse I’ll use, anyway.)

The prices were certainly right. I got a fish taco for $2.50 and it is the first fish taco in the history of the world that didn’t give me Montezuma’s revenge and several hours of regrets. I also got the cheesiest of quesadillas with carne asada (beef) for $6.75, and a burrito with carnita (pork) for $6.85. Believe me when I tell you that the burrito would have been more than enough. It was about the size of my forearm, and felt like it weighed about 3 pounds. I had plenty of food left over for a full meal the following day. But every bit of it was delicious.

So today, for the first time, I sort of feel like a Seattle insider, and it’s a great feeling. I’ve arrived! Oh, and I’ll be back. Count on it.

[Image credit: elcamionseattle.com]
[Image credit: elcamionseattle.com]


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