Dirty Jobs

I must say that I love having an employer that not only allows me to dress like a hobo, but actually expects me to. I come in contact with grease and motor oil entirely too often to wear nice clothes. My shoes are so greasy, in fact, that I leave them here at work. I don’t want to contaminate my house.

I’ve had jobs where you had to dress up in the past, and I always felt like a massive fraud. And a dress code always adds a whole additional level of office politics that I didn’t enjoy at all. There were always factions. Some people were always on the outer. There were constant complaints that one person (usually me) wasn’t dressed quite nicely enough. Or someone had terrible taste, or didn’t iron properly. And there were all these grey areas. How short was too short? Why is a Hawaiian print considered too casual, but a floral print is okay? I used to have a really nicely made silk shirt, but it happened to be tie-dyed. Heaven forfend!

On this job, no one talks about how you dress. No one complains about the state of your shoes as long as they’re close-toed. If you shirt isn’t ever-so-slightly stained, you probably aren’t trying hard enough.

There is one thing that will make you an outsider. If you don’t get your work clothes at the thrift store, people will look at you strangely. And that suits me just fine.

My greasy work shoes.
My greasy work shoes.

5 thoughts on “Dirty Jobs

  1. Carole Lewis

    Sorta like Church. Growing up, we were just an Easter Outfit from being poor, Sundays were painful indeed. Instead of welcoming us with open arms and hearts, we felt dirty and weak. We were always squeeky clean, but still felt tarnished somehow. Decades later, they still sit towards the back and judge everyone who comes through the doors based on what they wear. It doesn’t bother me anymore. I have learned clothes do not make the man, but the man can make a bathrobe look like he carries a septer and wears a crown.

    1. There are churches in Jacksonville that will actually turn women away if they aren’t wearing panty hose! How’s that for messed up spiritual priorities. And so many children in third world countries can’t get an education because they can’t afford the school uniform. How’s this for a concept? Don’t require uniforms! Sigh.

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