Waking Up in Vancouver

It’s usually kind of weird waking up in a strange place, but oddly, I felt right at home in my friend’s apartment in Vancouver. He made me feel quite welcome, even making sure to hang a curtain in my alcove to give me privacy, and getting new towels for the bathroom. It was a nice feeling, knowing I was going to explore an unfamiliar city, but yet not waking up all disconcerted.

The plan for the day was originally to go to the aquarium, then have lunch at Topanga Café, then go to the Anthropology Museum. The aquarium is was great fun. I was mesmerized by the jellies…

IMG_0843 IMG_0842

…and very surprised to see my second only coelacanth. I’ve written about this amazing prehistoric fish before. When people look at it, I don’t think they realize just what an amazing missing link they’re seeing. It’s probably the most important item in the entire aquarium, even though it wasn’t alive.


The otters (which were very much alive) were fun to watch, too.


After the aquarium, we did, in fact, go to the Topanga Café, which used to be one of my friend’s regular haunts, but he hadn’t been back in 15 years. Even so, the waiter recognized him, which was great. The authentic Mexican food was great, too.

After that, we were both kind of hot and tired, and we agreed it was a good idea to blow off the anthropology museum, but we did go to Granville Island to check out the quirky shops so I could pick up a souvenir or two (or three). There’s even a kids center where all the shops are dedicated to children. We had to go in there because it also housed the post office and I needed postcard stamps. There were screeching children running everywhere. I have to admit that this is my version of hell, but fortunately we got out of there with our sanity intact.


After that, we went back to his place and he showed me his amazing artwork (more on that on another day) and I tried to eat at Meat and Bread yet again, but discovered it closes at 5 pm. (What restaurant closes that early???) So we sent out for Chinese.

After yet another good night’s sleep, I was to leave rather early the next day, but we did walk around the Gastown neighborhood, which is really funky and cool, and we happened to be standing right near the famous steam clock as it went off. Then, by God, I finally got my sandwich at Meat and Bread! (But later found out they have them here in Seattle. Slapping my forehead.) It was delicious.


Next I dropped my friend off at work, got a mini tour, and sadly took my leave. What a great trip it was! It ended all too soon, but I’ll be back. I’ve never lived so close to another country before, and I intend to take advantage of it every chance I get!


7 thoughts on “Waking Up in Vancouver

  1. Seattle Park Lover

    I love traveling in British Columbia. I took a birthday trip to Vancouver one year, and one of my favorite memories is having a picnic lunch on Granville Island with food we bought at the market there.

    If you like small towns, Hope is a wonderful place to visit. It’s located right at the edge of the mountains, the people are very friendly, and the Fraser River is pretty spectacular on the west and north side of town. It makes for a good base for day trips to the touristy Hell’s Gate and the alpine wilderness in Manning Provincial Park. (In Manning there is a road you can drive up into the alpine elevations where you get stunning views of the north Cascades.)

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