Just Say Thank You!

“You’re really smart.”

“Who, me? Nah…”

That’s a typical scenario, probably happening a hundred thousand times across the country the very second you’re reading this. A lot of people are uncomfortable receiving compliments. Or they don’t think they deserve them. Or they think that accepting them will make them sound arrogant.

Here’s the thing, though. (Yeah, yeah, there’s always a thing.) Compliments aren’t just about the receipt thereof. The giver of the compliment is putting him or herself out there as well. A compliment says, “I see something in you, and I’m proud of that, and want to share it with you.” It says, “I want to make you feel good.” It says, “Here’s a gift of positivity.”

By rejecting a compliment, what you’re saying, in essence, is, “Your judgment is bad.” “I’m not taking you seriously.” “I don’t want your gift.”

When a compliment is rejected, the person who gave it feels disappointment. He or she also feels kind of sorry for you. Negative energy all around.

So here’s an idea. It might take practice, but next time someone compliments you, just say, “Thank you!” That doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with it. It just means you are appreciating that that person took the time to see something good in you and speak up about it. Simple. Everyone’s happy.

Let’s spread some positivity around today. Give a compliment to the next person you see. Who knows? Maybe after a while those compliments will sink in. There’s no downside.

[Image credit: examiner.com]
[Image credit: examiner.com]

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