Imaginary Dates

It seems that I enjoy torturing myself sometimes. And I have a rich imagination, so I’m good at it. Since I haven’t had a date since my late boyfriend passed away, I sometimes have imaginary dates in my head.

For example, the EMP Museum here in Seattle is currently hosting a Campout Cinema Series where you bring your sleeping bag and pillow, and stretch out on the floor and watch a classic horror movie. That sounds like so much fun. I could imagine snuggling up with someone and eating popcorn and pretending to be scared.

I know what you’ll say. You should go anyway. But watching all the couples getting all romantical while seeing a movie I normally wouldn’t watch anyway does not sound like a good time to me. Sorry. It just doesn’t. A stiff upper lip only carries you so far in this life.

I do this all the time. I imagine how much more fun a restaurant, museum, walk in the park, festival, etc. would be if I were lucky enough to go with someone else rather than be standing there alone. Why on earth do I do this to myself?

A friend of mine says that I really need to learn to enjoy being alone. I need to embrace it. Yeah. Maybe.


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15 thoughts on “Imaginary Dates

  1. lyn sutton

    Stop torturing yourself…In those moments when you feel most alone, don’t be… go out and volunteer at something that touches your heart. Fill the void by serving those in need and you will create a radiant positive energy that may even attract someone worth the wait. If nothing else, alone is easier when you feel good about yourself plus you’ll have more to blog about.

  2. lyn sutton

    I was thinking animal shelter but didn’t specify it. I didn’t want to put my ideas in your head. Goodness knows it’s crammed full of your own already. Hang on, November’s only 3 weeks away. (And that’s my limit of empathy for the day…back to creating chaos.)

  3. Kramer

    I highly recommend enjoying being alone. Remember, nothing ever lasts forever. Your circumstances will change soon enough. In the meantime, live your life now!

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