The Daily Show in Transition

I have been a longtime fan of Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Not only has it been a great source of entertainment, but I think it has provided a much-needed voice of reason for the political sector. Despite the frequent complaints from conservatives that all media has a liberal bias, I’ve always found the very opposite to be true, and Jon was always so very good at exposing the lies perpetrated by Fox News and CNN.

So when Jon announced that he was retiring. I was horrified. It felt like one of the few sources of media sanity was being taken away. And then Jon’s replacement was disclosed. Trevor Noah. Never heard of him. Didn’t know a thing about him. But I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Those were some very big shoes to fill. I had to give him credit for even trying.

So I’ve been watching ever since Trevor took the helm. Very, very closely. The first few episodes were kind of… meh. It was like they were trying to make him be Jon. Granted, the entire staff is still the same. The writers are the same. And they don’t know this guy yet. They don’t know his speech patterns or his personality or his quirks. So I continued to give him a chance.

And he is slowly but surely finding his own voice. He’s starting to use his own brand of humor. It will take time, but I see the potential there. I like the way he interviews. When he can ad-lib like that, he truly shows off his talent. And he’s a phenomenal mimic.

Trevor Noah isn’t Jon Stewart. But that’s okay. You can tell that they have the most important things in common: intelligence, a big heart, and the ability not to take themselves too seriously. I think I’m going to like Trevor. Give him a go. You might just like him, too.

Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah
Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah

10 thoughts on “The Daily Show in Transition

  1. I’ve loved him pre daily show. His stand up stuff is just great. He does his accents really well, his jokes are actually funny and it helps that I find him very handsome. The first few episodes were meh, I grant you that. But when he was given free reign to follow his own style (aka the piece about Donald Trump being an African dictator), it was spectacular. I think he will do very well given time!

  2. lyn sutton

    I’m glad shows like this and their cruder online counter-parts exist to expose such serious subjects but how sad that they have to entertain us to get us to listen. Oh, I laugh along with everyone else but feel no comic relief from it. When lies perpetrated by Fox News and CNN become fodder for our entertainment and those running for our highest office feel they must perform on night time T.V. …well… why are we laughing off the gross sociopolitical failures of this country while suppressing our outrage? Maybe we need voices of reason, like yours, to look deeper into this trend.

  3. lyn sutton

    To be sure he IS (not dead yet) a brilliant humorist, but you are #1 in a million according to google and have talents not yet tapped. I’m just trying to tap them. 🙂

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