Pop Tarts

There are some things I consider to be “kid food”. For example, I used to drink Hawaiian Punch by the 50 gallon drum when I was a child. I can’t stand it now. Many things fall into that category. Cheese Whiz. Tang. Cap’n Crunch.

Perhaps the most iconic food from my childhood is Pop Tarts. Not the frosted kind. That would have been gilding the lily. No, just good old strawberry Pop Tarts. Sometimes I’d even eat them raw. But toasted… Mmmmm. That warm crusty goodness with the melty strawberry filling. That couldn’t be beat.

So the other day I was grocery shopping, and I found myself putting a box of pop tarts into my cart. It was almost as if my hand had a mind of its own. Perhaps it was being directed by my inner child.

And then last night when I got home from a wet and blustery evening at work, I was too exhausted to cook, and there went my hand again, reaching for those pop tarts. I take no responsibility.

I have to say that eating them raw has lost its appeal, but toasted brought back a flood of comforting memories. I doubt I’ll be eating Pop Tarts daily, but it’s a delightful jaunt down memory lane on those days I can’t find the energy to cook like an adult.

[Image credit: seriouseats.com]
[Image credit: seriouseats.com]

18 thoughts on “Pop Tarts

    1. lyn sutton

      Yeah… and my teeth are aching just reading this…and now I’m craving the hot buttered sugary cinnamon toast of my youth…aaarrrgh!…gonna go brush with baking soda now 🙂

      1. It is all about layering way too much cinnamon… mixed with crazy amounts of sugar… on top of obscene amounts of melting butter. I like to put the butter and cinnamon on and then toast the brad in one of those little toaster ovens… that way, the sugar melts into a crispy brown glaze.

      1. lyn sutton

        simmer down you two or mummy will be sending you off to bed without your sweet nighttime snacks,,,hey doesn’t checks make a cinnamon version Art can throw some butter and sugar on and pop in the toaster oven? Less bread…healthier version? 🙂

  1. lyn sutton

    Brushing my teeth with baking soda is to punish me for allowing my inner child to dictate my diet…unfortunately it doesn’t seem to deter my inner child…or me…but my teeth are sparkly.

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