Unnatural Nature

I just watched a squirrel run down a 40 foot pine tree head first, like it was nothing. And it was nothing, for him. He probably does it a hundred times a day. I tried to imagine doing it myself, even once, and the thought made me kind of queasy.

There are a lot of natural things that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

  • Roll poop into balls bigger than I am like a dung beetle.
  • Eat rotting flesh like a vulture.
  • Dive into ice laden seas like a penguin.
  • Scream for hours at the top of my lungs like a howler monkey. (But it might actually be quite spiritually cleansing to do it for a minute or two.)
  • Echolocate like a dolphin or a bat.
  • Slam my head into a rival like a ram. (I heard a great quip on Welcome to Night Vale the other day: “Dodge Ram. Great car. Even better advice.”)
  • Eat the head off my partner like a praying mantis. (Or eat the head off anything or anyone, for that matter.)
  • Remain pregnant for 23 months like an elephant.
  • Mate for life like a swan.
  • Chase down something, catch it, tear it to shreds and eat it raw like so many creatures do.
  • Stay outside in horrible weather like most animals do at some time or another.
  • Lay an egg. Or sit patiently on a nest and count on my partner to bring me food.
  • Shed my skin all at once.
  • Chew through (often chemically treated) wood like a mouse.

Nature is awesome. I’m glad we have yet to succeed in destroying it in all its many forms. But I’m also glad I’m me.


9 thoughts on “Unnatural Nature

  1. Your level of awareness is higher than that of the animals – you’ve been through that stuff already. But continue to evolve by exercising your mind with either philosophy, science or spiritualism (not religion) otherwise you could go back :/ Also, do not be commited to violence. If you do that you’ll come back as a dog to learn how to have respect for life 🙂 Always listen, follow your heart and do what is right. THEN in one of these lifetimes you’ll achieve the same level of awareness as a creator 😀 When that happens you’ll be able to create your own world of form. But not a copy of the one you achieved creator’s consciousness, but unique expression of your divine individuality.

  2. lyn sutton

    We have yet to succeed in destroying it but sadly, according to the documentary ” Racing Extinction” we are coming dangerously close to doing so each passing day…

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