Old Guys with Young Taste

There’s nothing quite like being a single woman in your 50’s. If you are attempting to date an age-appropriate man, you have to not only find someone who isn’t too set in his ways to be able to commit, but you also have to weed through the great percentage of them who are still operating in a fantasy world.

Here are a few things I’ve recently read in the on-line profiles of my male contemporaries:

  • I prefer women who are a size three.
  • I still want to have children.
  • I will only respond to women between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • My dream girl should be at least 5’10” and less than 130 pounds.
  • I’m attracted to innocent looking women with waif-like features.
  • Seeking someone who is athletic and healthy.
  • I won’t tolerate any baggage whatsoever.

Please understand that while I totally get that the heart wants what it wants, these are men in their late 50’s, most of whom are pot-bellied and balding, with a fair amount of baggage of their own. If they get the thing they are looking for, what they are most likely getting is a woman who wants a sugar daddy. That’s not love. That’s not healthy.

Yeah, yeah, before you say anything, I know that there are plenty of women out there with unrealistic expectations as well. But I’m not trying to date them. And the world, or at least this blog, revolves around me.

And meanwhile, there are real and amazing women out there, like me, who are watching these old farts die off, safe in their fantasy worlds, while we go to bed alone every night, hugging our pillows, with plenty of love to give said farts. What a waste.

People, if you don’t adjust your expectations with your age, you will be old and alone.



5 thoughts on “Old Guys with Young Taste

  1. Men our age with that kind of wish list have watched way too much online porn, I think. And what 18-35 year old woman is going to respond to a 50-something guy with those kinds of demands? The skinny, waif-like woman is going for the handsome dude with an 8-pack and all his own hair and teeth. Good grief.

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