Nuts in the Family Tree

Everybody has ‘em. The black sheep of the family. The crazies. The ignorant. The racists, the hopelessly old-fashioned, the loud and obnoxious, the politically idiotic, the holier than thou. The one person you’d never spend time with if you weren’t swimming in the same gene pool. Admit it. You know exactly who I’m talking about.

And during this holiday season there’s a good chance that you will be forced to break bread with these people. Just bite your tongue and try to keep the peace. It’s only a day.

And while you’re keeping your thoughts to yourself, think of this: we all think that we are not the nutty ones, but statistically, that’s impossible. We also think that the nutty ones are woefully ignorant of their status. That’s probably true. So what does that say, potentially, about us?

Just try to be nice.

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