Support Creativity!

What a strange world we live in. We are surrounded by creative people, people with talent that we can only dream about, and for the most part they’re the very people who have to struggle to survive. And that struggle often takes away from their ability to create.

Imagine a world in which creativity were rewarded; a world in which uniquely talented people were given the time and space to produce beauty, and use their imaginations for good causes. Creative people are often the problem solvers of this world, if only we’d get out of their way and allow them to do their thing. We need more people who think outside the box.

Well, you’re in luck! You have an amazing opportunity to support the arts, and it won’t cost you a dime. I have a dear friend named Sean Kagalis, and he’s an incredible folk musician. He’s part of a website called ArtistSignal which has a really interesting setup. You go to the site. You create a password. You vote for your favorite artist. Each month, the artist with the most votes gets $10,000. This month, Sean is currently ranked third, but the month has only just begun! With your help, he could win that 10k, and be able to tour more, and this would do wonders for his career.

You can vote once, or vote once an hour like I’m doing. I just leave his web page up the entire time I’m logged into the internet, and click the vote button whenever it tells me I can again. It only takes a second, and you could really help change a wonderful person’s life. Wouldn’t that feel great? Go here to vote, and to check out his music, too!

Come on, guys. You know I don’t ask you for much. 🙂



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