The Gift of Deprivation

Oh joy! The sun is out! The sky is blue! I feel like dancing.

At this time of year in Seattle, sunshine is a precious gift; one not to be taken for granted. It’s like manna from heaven. You can almost hear a choir singing down every solar ray. Laaaaaaa…

On the other hand, in Florida I dreaded the sun. It was always there, sucking the life out of me, making the air as thick and humid as bathwater, covering me in sticky, stinky sweat. I used to scoff at the tourists who reveled in it until they burned to a crisp.

Having had sun poisoning before, I can tell you that it is a most unpleasant experience. I literally turned purple. I blistered. I had a fever and vomited for days. I longed for a peaceful death. After that it became normal for me to avoid the sun at all costs.

But here in Seattle when the sun comes out, you cherish it. You revel in it. You rejoice!

It seems like a contradiction, but by being deprived of the sun, I have been given the gift of the sun! I shall never take it for granted again. How lucky am I? Deprivation is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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One thought on “The Gift of Deprivation

  1. Angiportus

    …And after a while you get so you can appreciate something even when you have a lot of it, and no more need to rationalize hardships. That said, I want to express condolences for the one dog and hopes that the other will reappear. My thoughts are with you on this, and I also give you [as if anyone needed to] permission to punch anyone who belittles such a loss with “only a dog”, or whatever. There are no “only”‘s when it comes to grief for something, animate or otherwise. I hope the sun starts shining for you again real soon, in more ways than one.

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