Purple Hazeth, Sire

For centuries, Man has been experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs. Embarking on vision quests, shamans have made use of peyote, magic mushrooms, cannabis and other substances. You can’t convince me that some of the art we find in caves wasn’t done by someone on a massive trip.

What I want to know is how primitive man managed to experiment with these drugs without killing himself in the process? I mean, sure, some of it was probably accidental. Ingestion of the wrong (or right, as the case may be) mushroom most likely had psychedelic results. Walking past a field of burning marijuana plants was probably an interesting experience.

But some of it was surely trial and error. Holy crap though, would you want to be guinea pig number 2? I mean, picture this: shaman number 1 takes way too much of something and dies a horrible death. Does shaman number 2 seriously think, “Okay, so, now I’ll try it, but I’ll take a little less”? Not me. Uh uh.

I guess if you want something badly enough, you’ll make sacrifices for it. Or at least some people will. Personally, I’ll let someone else do the experimenting, thankyouverymuch.

No way was this artist straight. [Image credit: thirdmonk.net]

9 thoughts on “Purple Hazeth, Sire

  1. I’ve had the same sort of thought about food and drink. For example, who discovered that you can eat pulses but only if they’re boiled for a certain length of time, or that some parts of a plant are edible whereas others aren’t, and how did people come up with the idea of making bread from cereal crops? It’s all quite ingenious. I agree with you about that cave painting. 🙂

  2. lyn sutton

    Every time we take a prescribed medication we are guinea pigs. They’re all still in the trial and error stage because humans are so diverse in the way they process these concoctions and then there are interactions with other drugs.We just think they’re safe because they’re FDA approved. Some of their side effects do include hallucinations…which probably explains some of my artwork. 🙂

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