Coloring for Adults

I seem to have stumbled upon a new fad: coloring books for adults. These are books of very elaborate line drawings that you can then color with pencils or crayons. I even heard on National Public Radio yesterday that it’s become so popular that there’s currently a worldwide shortage of colored pencils!

I discovered it the other day because oddly enough, my local library was having a coloring for adults get together on one of my days off and I thought it would be fun. Now I’m hooked.

What appeals to me so much is that it’s a chance to live the childhood that I didn’t really get to live the first time around. It’s a rare opportunity for my inner child to come out to play. And yet the pictures are detailed enough so that my adult self doesn’t get bored. And it’s relaxing. I’ve always found creativity to be relaxing. Anything that causes me to focus and not think so freakin’ much is relaxing.

So here’s my very first creation.


I had planned to bring it home and put it on my refrigerator door (where else???), but then I realized that today is the 90th birthday of my very favorite aunt, so instead I sent it to her. (Waving hello to Aunt Betty, and apologizing that the picture won’t get there on time for her big day.)

I think she’ll appreciate it. I get both my sense of humor from her and also my tendency to neglect my playful nature. If it makes her smile, giving her my first coloring in 40 years will have been worth it. Aunt Betty, I hope you get to play today! I love you!


9 thoughts on “Coloring for Adults

  1. lyn sutton

    I started doing these when tremors began interfering with my ability to draw and they also help distract me from chronic pain. I’m determined to stay artistically creative. I use a combination of crayons, pencils, highlighters, ink pens, fine tipped markers and even old eye-shadow (powdered ones fill up large background spaces quickly). To save money you can print out free pages from several sites like… … or trace any outline and fill with your own doodles in ultra-fine tip black marker to create a more personal design. You should let your inner child out to play daily. Not healthy to keep it cooped up indoors. 🙂

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