I’ve been getting a lot of attention of late. It feels funny. I’m not used to it. My default position is to be the quiet, thoughtful background person. The spotlight isn’t something I have ever sought.

But in recent weeks, this blog is really starting to take off. And I’ve also been featured on a friend’s new podcast, Shaping Sapiens. And I’m included in a StoryCorps anthology that comes out on April 19th. I’ll be the second story in the book, on page 17. There’s even some talk of bringing the book promotion tour to Seattle, and if that happens, they want me to be there. And because of that book, I was featured in an article in Parade Magazine, which, according to their website, has a readership of 54 million.

I feel as though I’m riding the crest of a wave. That wave is called micro-fame, and I know it’s fleeting. And part of me is extremely relieved to know this. Another part of me is going to miss it when it’s gone. I totally get why people are willing to make fools of themselves on reality shows.

I have to admit that it makes me smile when I go ego-surfing on Google. Now my name gets several pages of hits. Cyber immortality is a heady experience, indeed.

The banner picture for the Parade article. That’s me, upper left.

13 thoughts on “Micro-Fame

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