When I’ll Know I’ve Arrived

I’m a painfully frugal individual. I’ve had to be, simply to survive. I would never have gotten this far if I hadn’t learned how to delay gratification and resist impulse buys. I’ve given up imagining that I’ll ever have even one room full of furniture that matches. I’m more of the found-on-the-side-of-the-road school of decorating.

For the most part that’s fine. I’ve long since learned that it’s not things that make me happy. I get more joy from the people I love, and my dogs, and writing this blog, and having a job that I look forward to going to, and exploring this world.

But I have to say that there’s one thing that I want like it’s killing me. There’s a shop called Earthenworks Gallery, and in it they include furniture by an artist named Sarah Grant. She makes tables and benches and headboards and trunks… all manner of furniture, and it’s absolutely delightful, colorful and thought provoking.

I want one of her dining tables. Not only are they stunning and whimsical, but all along the outer edge are sayings that make me smile. “Tell your story.” “Believe.” “Live life to the fullest.” “Enjoy the changing seasons.” Those are just a few of her pearls of wisdom.

When I’m able to buy one of these tables, I’ll know I’m a success. I say this not just because I can’t imagine ever being able to treat myself to a 3,000 dollar splurge, but also because to own a table like this, one needs to have a lovely room to put it in, and wonderful people to sit at it with. One would also have to have the confidence to know that things were going so well that there would be no regrets in buying such a wonderful work of art, and enough space to never feel the need to cover its beauty with clutter. I crave all of those things.

And then, of course, with a table like that you’d need some really nice chairs. Oh, and I also want one of her trunks, and a grandfather clock, and I’d love to sleep in one of those beds, and those benches are really cool…  It never ends, does it?


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