I’ve got to say, I know a lot of amazing people. Many of them I have met through this blog, and I’m very grateful for that. I have some inspiring, talented, enthusiastic, wise and wonderful friends. It is often a source of amazement to me that all of these brilliant people don’t already know each other. I guess I’ve always sort of assumed that greatness would be drawn toward itself like a vast magnetic field.

If the various streams that feed my own personal font of human knowledge ever converge, it would turn into a sea of awesomeness! What magic would spring forth upon the world? What new things would be created? The untapped potential here boggles the mind. Yeah, yeah, I know this is called networking, and it didn’t originate with me. So sue me.

So recently I started a very unscientific experiment. I picked two of my amazing friends and sent them an e-mail which basically said, “Hi guys. You are two of my favorite people, and here’s why.” Then I went on to describe each one’s talents, and urged them to connect via e-mail or Facebook or Linkedin… whatever it takes, because with their combined energy and enthusiasm, only the most incredible things could result.

I have absolutely no idea if anything will come of this rather awkward and unsolicited introduction. I plan to try it with several pairs in the coming weeks. If even one connection actually bears fruit, it will have been worth it.

You should give it a try! Imagine how the world would change if we each connected just two amazing people with each other. It’s fun being a catalyst!



3 thoughts on “E-ntroductions

  1. lyn sutton

    Sounds great in theory,,,but be careful it doesn’t backfire. It’s like matchmaking…if it ends badly the matchmaker gets the blame. And then there’s Art…he’s already freaking out… 🙂

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