Making Room

So, nope, I still haven’t found romance in the Pacific Northwest. How I feel about that depends a great deal on which day you ask me. Most of the time, to be honest, I’m too busy to worry about it. My world seems to revolve around my upcoming anthology.

But yeah, sometimes I’m painfully lonely. Other times I’m resigned to my fate or frustrated beyond words. Still other times, I’m optimistic. But mostly I’m surprised. I think I’m a catch. This is the longest time I’ve been single in decades.

But the other day a friend of mine altered my perspective a bit. She asked me if I had made room for someone to be in my life. Could someone share my living space with me? Is there room in the closet? Places for his stuff? Frankly, no. And it makes me tired just thinking about accommodating someone at this point. I haven’t even finished unpacking, and I’ve been here for nearly two years.

My lifestyle is such that it would be hard to make time for another person. My schedule is weird. Sometimes I work day shift, sometimes I work swing shift, and I work every weekend. That isn’t likely to change any time soon.

All of this means that I basically sleep when I want to and/or can, and sometimes wake up, quite happily, at 3 a.m. Other times I’m only just going to bed at that hour. It would take a special person to adjust to that. And then there’s the fact that I still grieve for Chuck more often than I care to admit.

I think all of this tells me that now is not the time. And oddly enough, I’m okay with that. Mostly.



8 thoughts on “Making Room

  1. When you talk about “making room,” don’t forget to make space for yourself as well! You are still in a transition, but I also hope you will make the most of the coming good-weather season and try to get outside in the daytime as much as possible — outdoors and fresh air helps with everything. Go to Greenlake or to one of the beaches. Or walk on a short segment of one of the trails — such the Interurban in north Seattle, you can get on it by the Bitter Lake Post Office.

    1. Oh yes, I get out doors as much as possible when the weather is nice. I love exploring this beautiful place. Very good point about making space for myself. I do have a nasty habit of putting everyone else ahead of me. I am a work in progress, no doubt about it.

  2. I think you are doing great! Keep doing what you are doing but think about leaving the door open to meet new people. I am just finding myself after years of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of my own….I didn’t even know what I liked or needed. I am still going through transition at age 70 but am totally enjoying telling friends and family what I want, need or like…..or dislike. I wish I could have done this when my children were growing up so we all could have learned how to adjust to each other. I truly enjoy your blog…sounds like you are also trying to work out the same issues. Maybe you don’t even need or want a partner…don’t feed into societies stereotypes…start a new trend. You are the person to do it. Look what you have done already….Keep on keeping on!!

      1. For years I had a plaque hanging in my kitchen “It’s not the journey but who you travel with”. It got thrown in the garbage 6 years ago when my husband and I had our last big fight. Now I am all about what ever adventures present themselves as I continue to journey through life….with or with out a travel partner. Keep smiling.

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