A Note to the Future Me

Dear Me,

I expect great things from you. I hope you stay humble. I hope you never get so caught up in your image that you are afraid to speak your truth. I hope you will always appreciate those who try to lift you up, because they will have a great deal to do with how you get where you’re going.

I hope you never lose sight of your integrity. I hope you remain grounded and appreciative of every gift that comes your way. I hope you remember to treat those who are well-intentioned with kindness and decency.

Most of all, I hope you hold on to the best parts of who you are.

Lots of love,



2 thoughts on “A Note to the Future Me

  1. Two days ago when I saw this post, Inspired, I shared it on FB with the statement that I would offer up my own letter to Future Me. Here it goes:,

    Dear Future Me,

    I am certain that all you have been through POSITIVELY contributes to the being you are right now. And, you have done well taking the wisdom from all the lessons offered through the experiences of your life. Your resilience, persistence, gratitude, and compassion for self and others has played its role beautifully. You have done well to trust your intuition, be ever more selective of what you say YES to, and saying NO or NO MORE. Staying true to your core values has attracted into your life, good people, great friends, wonderful clients, and a lot of JOY. And, look at how you have impacted others’ lives for the better. Keep on doing what you do with heart, love, and gratitude. It’s working…

    Love, Me.

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