Leap and the Net Will Appear

That sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Who would be crazy enough to jump without having a visible net below? It’s much better to plan for all contingencies, right?

First of all, let me be clear that I’m not talking about literally jumping off something here. If you step off the ledge of a high-rise building without a net or harness of some sort, we will be scraping you off the pavement with a shovel. That’s just common sense (you’d think).

No, what I’m referring to are figurative leaps: Leaps of faith, embracing change, making your move. Getting your butt off the couch and making a decision. Leaning into your transformation rather than resisting it. Those types of net-less leaps can be very rewarding, or at the very least, enlightening.

When it comes to life changes, it’s often impossible to know what the net is even going to look like until you’re halfway through the plunge. By all means, do your homework whenever possible, but don’t be closed to the possibility that you’re not supposed to know it all until you have benefit of hindsight.

Even if a leap of faith doesn’t work out, it brings you to a new place with brand new options. You are allowed to hesitate, you are allowed to choose your time and your trajectory, but please don’t freeze. Freezing gets you nowhere. And besides, it’s cold. Very, very cold.



4 thoughts on “Leap and the Net Will Appear

  1. So, here is my add to this post’s counsel to “go for it” from time to time. As one spiritual guide and teacher of mine, Subhan Schenker of the World of Meditation in a northwest corner of Seattle, has summarized in a series of inquiries:

    Is life happening to you?
    Or is life happening for you?
    Or is life happening through you?
    Or is life happening?

    As I evolve as a human being I experience more of life happening for me, through me, and simply happening.

    Leaping is easier when I live from these perspectives. Trusting my intuition gets easier and easier and my intuition is more easily heard when I do. 🙂

    Nice post Bridgetender.

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