Help a Family Stay Afloat

Hi everyone. I usually don’t use my blog the way I’m about to, but my family is in crisis at the moment, and I sure could use your help. Even if you can’t help financially, it would mean a great deal to me if you could spread the word about my GoFundMe campaign.

I’m sure you know what it’s like to work hard and do everything right, follow all the rules, and then have tragedy strike and suddenly the rug is pulled right out from under you. That’s what’s happening to my niece and her husband right now. So please help if you can.

The full story is below, and it’s the same text you’ll see if you go to the GoFundMe campaign.

Thanks in advance for your support.


On July 2nd, 2016 Andrew Hurley was enjoying a much deserved day off with his wife Leah and their three young sons, ages 6, 3 and 1, when tragedy struck. He dove into a seemingly deep river in the Ozarks while Leah was putting the water wings on the kids, and, instead of encountering deep water, he struck his head on a log.

When Leah saw him emerge from the water all she saw was that he was now bleeding profusely, and floating down the river. He was still conscious and said he couldn’t move because he had no feeling in his arms and legs. They didn’t know it at the time but he broke two bones in his neck and fractured several in his back.

No one was around for miles. Leah jumped into the water to save him, and even then he was thinking only of his kids. He wanted her to make sure the kids stayed safe. She was able to pull him to shore, but couldn’t get a phone signal. Fortunately, some kayakers came by and she screamed for help. They responded quickly, and stayed with Andrew and the kids while she ran to the car and found a stronger phone signal to call an ambulance.

At the hospital, they discovered the full extent of his injuries. A concussion, two broken bones in his neck, and several fractured bones in his back. They think that he will be all right eventually, as the feeling in his arms and legs is returning, but he may have also experienced some slight brain injury as well. Worst case scenario, he will be out of work for several months while going through physical and occupational therapy, and at the current time he’s not supposed to do anything, not even lift anything, as he heals.

This is a family that has done everything to achieve the American Dream. Andrew has worked hard as a project manager while Leah went to back to college to become an educator while she also took care of the kids. She just got a job as a teacher of special needs children, and was very excited about improving the quality of their lives as a family. But her new job doesn’t start until this coming school year, and her first paycheck will be at the end of August, with a significant portion already earmarked for child care.

Andrew does have health insurance, thank goodness, but their patient expense portion will add up quickly, and the follow-up care he needs is about two hours away, so there will be gas and food expenses as well. Also, he had only eight days of sick leave at work, and his disability insurance will only pay about half of his earnings. Meanwhile the bills will keep coming.

Andrew isn’t someone who is comfortable asking for help, but the financial stress and anxiety is not helping this family recover. So, those of us who love him are making this GoFundMe for Leah, the kids, and him, so that healing and recovery is less stressful.

Anything you can do to help this hard working, loving family will be appreciated. For those friends and family who can’t contribute money, even offering to babysit, run errands, or cook meals will be extremely helpful.

“It takes a village” was once a way of life for all of us, and it would be great if we can provide that same spirit to help a family that needs it for the short term. Every type of support will appreciated.

Thank you.

Andrew in Brace
Leah and Family
My niece Leah, her husband Andrew, and their three sons.



2 thoughts on “Help a Family Stay Afloat

  1. Carole Lewus

    I’m feeling somewhat ashamed, since I am a loyal follower and enjoy Leah’s comments as well. It has been a very difficult week personally and I let it slide.
    I will remedy the situation now. I am sending prayers for a speedy recovery and blessings to all.

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