Methinks It’s Time to TRexit

When Donald Trump first entered the political arena, I actually had to giggle. I assumed it would be a passing phase, and one that would make the tedious presidential election a bit more entertaining for a brief period, much like Ross Perot did. But, as with all trolls, the more you feed him, the stronger he becomes.

I have to admit that I actually used to watch The Apprentice. Trump is entertaining in small doses. I’d watch him be unbelievably arrogant, make quick, irrational decisions, and say shockingly sexist and idiotic things, but in the end, no real harm was done, and he was only a small part of the program, after all.

But is that what we really want as the leader of the free world, for at least 4 years, with absolutely no ability to turn him off? Now that he’s been allowed to run hog wild, we’ve already gotten a taste of how arrogant, insufferable, and mentally questionable he is. Do you really want him in charge of the nuclear codes?

And if you think Obama gets no cooperation from Congress, imagine how Trump will do. His own party doesn’t even want to endorse him. In fact, most Republicans are doing their best to distance themselves from this loose cannon.

I get why he’s gotten this far. Really, I do. We are all sick and tired of what’s become of our politicians. We don’t feel represented, we feel used. Trump is, if nothing else, a wake-up call for Capitol Hill. It’s like saying, “You want to screw us over? Well, SCREW YOU!!!!”

That feels good. No doubt about it. But as the people of Britain can tell you, there’s such a thing as cutting off your nose to spite your face. They voted for BRexit to send a message, albeit a racist and xenophobic one, and now they’re already beginning to suffer the consequences. It’s safe to say that if that vote were held again, the results would be remarkably different.

I think it will be the same if we elect Trump. The day after, the only people who will be truly happy will be the caricaturists because the man is ripe for parody. Some parts of him are too big. Other parts are too small. His hair is a color only found stuck to the bottom of a school boy’s desk, and he looks like a cross between Little Lord Fauntleroy and Tweedledum.

The man is the epitome of all the worst things about humanity. And oddly enough, everyone seems to know that. Now is definitely not the time to use your vote as some sort of a joke. The consequences could be dire.

You’ve got to admit, the resemblance is striking.

15 thoughts on “Methinks It’s Time to TRexit

  1. Angiportus

    I get it about him being a natural target for parody, but only because of what he says and does. This talk about some parts being “too big” or small, or hair color (natural or otherwise)–that is just subjective, and a red herring. None of us can help having esthetic opinions, but these shouldn’t influence our votes.
    I don’t feel inclined to vote for a creep who reportedly refused to move his yacht for some Girl Scouts to take another boat out–some years back, my memory is uncertain, but I distrust him just from what little I’ve heard.

  2. lyn sutton

    Are you sure no real harm was done? If someone has no problems verbalizing such sexist and idiotic things publicly they are usually doing a lot worse behind closed doors. With his power and influence he may be able to keep such activities from public knowledge but sooner or later… waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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