My 100,000th View

As if I didn’t already have an excuse to celebrate on the 4th of July, this year my blog reached its 100,000th view on that day! I am so honored to know that even one person is willing to take the time out of their busy schedule to read my words, but to think that it’s happened 100,000 times leaves me stunned.

That’s a hard number for me to wrap my head around. Even CenturyLink Field, the football stadium here in Seattle, only has a seating capacity of 72,000. That’s a lot of readers, a lot of sets of eyes. If those views stretched out to one per day, it would take nearly 274 years to reach 100,000.

And here’s my favorite fun fact about this number: in astronomy, 100,000 meters is defined as the altitude in which space flight begins. And so the adventure continues, as long as there is someone out there willing to view my blog.

Thanks everybody.



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