Slightly Off-Calendar

“Have a good weekend!” she said.

“Thanks,” I said.

After a while, you get tired of correcting people. I work the weekends. My days off are Mondays and Tuesdays. I miss the festivals, the farmers markets, and apparently every possible opportunity to have a freakin’ date.

It’s kind of a weird feeling, because I’m always slightly out of sync with the weekly Zeitgeist. When Friday rolls around, you sense a societal lightening of mood, a slight slacking off in the average workplace. A mounting excitement. But Fridays are my “Wednesdays”, so personally, I’m not feeling that TGIF.

On Sundays, everyone seems kind of mellow and not looking forward to the week ahead, but those are my “Fridays”, so woo-hoo! I’m in a great mood. And then on Mondays, I’m thrilled to have my first day off, and everyone else has settled down into this general Monday malaise. Party poopers.

Don’t even get me started on holidays, most of which I wind up working…


4 thoughts on “Slightly Off-Calendar

  1. Angiportus

    Maybe you could start a club or something for people who work odd days. I imagine you’d meet some interesting folks. –Or hang out with retirees…

  2. Carole Lewus

    Newspapers are unforgiving employers. I covered Sports, which meant every weekend, every Tues and Thurs night and every holiday. High School Sports controlled every aspect of my personal life. My Daughter, a cheerleader in another school system was denied my presence at all her school functions because I was covering all the surrounding area games. When you have a family, taking Tuesday and Wednesday off is only good for catching up on homework, housework and maybe a nap, since the rest of the family is at school or work.

    I would never do it again, but my life was enriched by all the people I met and stories I got to write. I carry that with me always. But, I can never replace or regain all the family time lost.

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