A Richness of Martins

Ever-mindful of my love of the creative names for groupings of animals in the English language, I just looked up the one for Martens, and a group of them is called a Richness. How apropos.

The reason I was thinking about this was that I recently saw Steve Martin and Martin Short at the gorgeously historic Parmount Theatre here in Seattle. When I found out that these Martins were coming to town, I had to buy a ticket, if only for nostalgia’s sake. I used to have a mad crush on Martin Short, and I was a devout viewer of Saturday Night Live back when Steve Martin made frequent guest appearances.

This was an evening of reminiscing, entertainment, and music. Martin Short really should have been around when vaudeville was in its heyday. He’d have fit right in. And Steve impressed us all with his amazing banjo playing. He really has mad skills.

My favorite quip of the night was when Martin Short said, “How did Bernie Sanders find the time to run a campaign and yet still be in the peanut gallery for the muppets?”

At the age of 70, Steve has mellowed quite a bit, but he’s still a joy. Martin Short, on the other hand, continues to be a zany ball of energy at 66. He was running all over the stage and put himself through some lightning fast costume changes, including a rather scary naked suit, and a cowgirl costume complete with ringlets.

I’m so glad I got a chance to see them. I’ll be heartbroken when they are no longer with us. A richness of Martins, indeed, and they’ve shared the wealth with all of us throughout the years.

Someday I’ll be able to splurge on tickets that aren’t in the nosebleed section. Until then, I’ll have to content myself with blurry images such as these. But at least you can see I was really there.

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