You Matter

I was talking to a dear friend recently, and at the age of 67, he feels he’s pretty much done everything he planned to do in his life, and now he’s just “hanging around, waiting.”

This brought tears to my eyes. To think of this wonderful man having absolutely no clue, no clue how much he means to people just breaks my heart. It kind of made me want to thrust him into the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” so he could see the impact he makes on the world.

If you are feeling the same way my friend does, I want to tell you that you matter. People love you. People learn from you. The path you have walked in this world has blazed a trail, and others have taken a section of it and made it their own, if only for a brief time.

When you smile, you have caused others to smile. Your opinion has influenced others, whether you know it or not. The things you have created in this world have their valued place.

When you have been kind, it has been appreciated. You have supported others, both by listening and by buying what they are selling, literally or figuratively. You have created memories. You have added love and joy to the world.

You matter. You really do. Trust me on this.

No man is a failure who has friends.

2 thoughts on “You Matter

  1. Brian

    That was very nice. Why though, is it that such data is eagerly believed when it comes from an outside source, and perceived as doubtful when it doesn’t

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