A Gift from Chihuly

There’s nothing better in life than when one of your senses gets an unexpected treat. This happened to me the other night. I was leaving work after a long evening and I was dead tired. Even my eyelashes were tired. I was not looking forward to the drive home, but I was eager to be home. I just wanted snuggle with my dogs under the blankets as we took a much-needed trip on the dreamland express.

I was trudging to my car in the dark, trying not to think of the fact that serial killers seem to be drawn to the Seattle area, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a vibrant new art display in front of Dale Chihuly’s warehouse. I do tend to glance over there from time to time, in hopes of someday catching a glimpse of the man himself, but I never expected to be treated to such a delightful spectacle. I mean, it’s his warehouse, after all, not one of his galleries.

The sight brought me to a halt. The glowing orange and red and green and yellow tendrils looked like a citrus fruit explosion, and it made me smile. I loved the fact that the bright lights were reflected in the canal below and the window behind, and I’m sure that was intentional.

On that chilly, lonely dark night, this felt like a gift just for me. It reinvigorated me for the drive home. I looked at it one last time and whispered, “Thank you. Oh… thank you so much,” and I drove home feeling very grateful to have borne witness to such beauty.



8 thoughts on “A Gift from Chihuly

  1. Angiportus

    He’s done some amazing stuff, even if his ego makes him a pain in the…glass, according to some. I’ve liked his work since I discovered it in the 90’s. I was walking by that selfsame studio one time and part of the driveway was full of little bits of glass, different colors, so I picked one up and gave it to my Mom and told her it was a genuine Chihuly. She liked that….

    1. I’ve heard that, too, but never having met the man, I can’t say for sure. Your mom is lucky to have that “genuine Chihuly!” One of the things I find frustrating in at the Chihuly Art and Glass place by the space needle is they have no tiny Chihuly things that are affordable for those of us that are part of the great unwashed. You go through the gallery, stunned by the beauty, and you’re hoping to be able to get something at the end, even if just the size of a marble, but nooooo… only his 5k and up stuff is out there. Ah well.

      1. Linda Coke

        The Dallas Arboretum hosted a Chihuly show in their gardens in 2013. As I recall, their gift shop had lots of glass pieces that were in the hundreds, not thousands. Still outside my reach, but more inclusive pricing than I expected!

  2. Angiportus

    Just fits in with my distrust of the art industry. Someone has issues that make them put a shark in formaldehyde, that’s their business, but why they charge millions of bucks for it, or whatever piece of art is going for that kind of money these days, is a mystery to me. Chihuly’s stuff I actually find beautiful–of course it’s all subjective anyway–but it costs so mucking fuch. I don’t know how much money he actually needs, for his studio and his life, but anyway. I’ll just hang onto my pictures of his stuff.

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