Funny Memories

If you’re like me, you have some memories that consistently crack you up. I like to trot these memories out when I’m feeling bored or sad. I’m very grateful that memories of levity are so vivid that they can almost bring you right back to that place, whereas memories of excruciating pain are mere shadows of the actual event.

Here are some of the memories that make me laugh. Granted, in some cases you had to have been there, but still…

One time a boyfriend made the mistake of falling asleep on my living room floor during a small party, so I dripped a little green food coloring on his teeth. Our laughter kept waking him up, and he’d smile, which would only make us laugh harder, and then he’d fall back to sleep.

While visiting a friend for several days in Vancouver, I naturally availed myself of his shower more than once. After I left, he went to take his customary bath, and when he got in the tub and turned on the tap, a torrent of cold water burst forth from above. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. Fortunately his heart is as strong as it is big.

I’ll never forget my sister’s reaction the time she took a big bite out of some coffee cake without looking, only to discover that it was covered in furry green mold.

My freshman roommate at my college in Florida was from New York, and she’d never seen a Florida cockroach before. One night she let out a blood curdling scream, and when I turned on the light there was one on her bedpost, gesticulating nervously at her, and it must have been two inches long. As she bolted for the exit, she shouted, “Do you see the ANTLERS on that thing?” I said, “Um… I think you mean feelers,” as I squashed the roach and went back to bed.

I once took a trip with my sister and her kids. We all decided to have lunch, but my teen-aged niece chose not to eat. Later in the day, of course she was hungry and the rest of us were not. But by that time we were in the middle of nowhere. She kept complaining that she was starving. Finally my sister turned around and shouted, “I can’t sh*t you a hamburger!” After a tense pause in the vehicle, I began howling with laughter, which caused everyone else to join in. At least that lightened the mood.

If you have memories that make you laugh, hoard them like buried treasure. They are priceless. I’d love to hear about yours in the comment section!



6 thoughts on “Funny Memories

  1. lyn sutton

    In an effort to create lots of these memories I act silly, so when my Dr. diagnosed me with giddiness it felt appropriate. Vertigo can be fun once you get past the nausea.

    Sorry I can’t share my best funny moment here… it might embarrass my grown children if I publicize it under my name. It was priceless enough that I named it … Poop Fest “89”. You really had to be there. 🙂

      1. lyn sutton

        I do though not everyone gets the humor. It’s all a matter of a perspective, which we seem to share. How else did we get through all the trauma and drama with both our sanities mostly intact?
        Thanks for the :)’s

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