Secret Revealed: Everyone in the US Owns Land!

Some of the best, most stunningly beautiful and amazing experiences I’ve ever had have been in our National Parks. We live in a magnificent world, and it makes me proud that someone had the foresight and took the initiative to at least try to preserve some of it.
Today is the 100th anniversary of the United States National Park Service. In honor of that, I’m reposting a blog I wrote about a year ago. Read it, and then go out and hug a tree.

The View from a Drawbridge

Real Estate is without a doubt the best investment one can make. People fight wars over land. The song “This Land is Your Land” makes all of us proud. And it should. Just by virtue of being a US citizen, each and every one of us owns 84 million acres of land. Yup. That’s million with an M. We’re rich! Most people don’t even realize that.

And check this out: you don’t even have to mow a single blade of grass on all this land that you own. You don’t have to pull a single weed. The National Park Service takes care of all the upkeep for you. All you have to do is go and admire and respect it.

Long before any other country on the planet set aside land for its citizens, our national parks system was created. As a matter of fact, the 100th

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