My Very First Book-Join My Street Team!

Ever since I was a child, I have been told that I should write a book. I never had the courage. I never had the confidence. I never had the expertise. Until now. Today is the day when I’m presenting my book (My Book! My book!!!) to the world.

It almost feels as if I’ve given birth to a beautiful baby (at the age of 51, no less!), and now it’s time to show her off! You are bearing witness to a lifelong dream coming true. So, without further ado, I present to you:

A Bridgetender’s View: Notes on Gratitude

Now I need your help. If you honor me by purchasing this book, please do so today. If Amazon notices a sudden jump in sales of my book, it will encourage them to showcase it in their brick and mortar stores. I also really need your help to promote the book to others.Tell your friends. Mention it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit (Especially Reddit!), and any other way you can think of! I’d be grateful beyond words. And once you’ve read the book, it would be great if you would post a positive review on my Amazon page.

I have to admit, I’m proud. Isn’t she beautiful? I can’t stop gazing at her! And the best part about this project is that it has been surrounded by nothing but positive energy. I wouldn’t have continued this blog without the support of my most faithful readers, and many of you have therefore been mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book, which is an anthology inspired by The View from a Drawbridge.

I also couldn’t have done this without the confidence boost I got from being a part of an anthology by StoryCorps entitled Callings. That led to publicity in NPR’s Morning Edition, Parade Magazine, Shaping Sapiens Podcast, and the September 2016 edition of O Magazine. All of that excitement and attention made me think that maybe I could do this after all.

Because of that, one dollar from every book is going to be donated to StoryCorps to help them continue to be a positive force in the world.

And once I started thinking that my dream really could come true, the team that I needed to make this baby see the light of day seemed to materialize as if by magic. Deborah Drake coordinated everything, and also edited, designed, formatted, advised and otherwise held my hand throughout the process. Amy Sassenberg produced the amazing photographs. Vicky Autry drew the graphic which I’ve fallen in love with, Bronte Polette and Dan Murray provided a wealth of software knowledge that I’d have been lost without, and Amelia Isabel Torres was gracious enough to write the foreword.

The best part about this is this beautiful book-child of mine will be the first of many. A Bridgetender’s View is intended to be a series. Each one will deal with a different topic that I’ve discussed with frequency in this blog. I thought it was only fitting that the first one be about gratitude.

And dare I say it? This little book would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the people in your life whom you are most grateful for! Just a thought.

Thank you, every single one of you, for all your support! I tell you what, though, next time, I’m asking for an epidural!


11 thoughts on “My Very First Book-Join My Street Team!

  1. I stayed up late tonight that I might be up when this post went live. I made it. Bed is calling but not before I share a little backstory about how Barb’s first “anthology” came to be.

    We didn’t know each other at all but fate (destiny if you prefer the term) put us together. Or rather our love of storytelling, blogging, and writing in general.

    There is a Meetup aptly named Fresh Ground Stories that gathers monthly at a super cool coffeehouse in Seattle–Roy Street Coffee. A very dedicated soul facilitates each monthly event. Paul Currington makes the drive from Olympia to Seattle to organize and facilitate each fantastic event–and the community that comes begins to feel like family. I’m sorry I have missed the last few months and will miss the September meetup too. But I promise to return as soon as the schedule permits! For I love telling stories. 🙂

    Even before I would meet Barb in person, I met her through a comment on the Meetup page and fell in love with her stories after I discovered her blog.

    As a diarist since the age of 9, I was inspired and quite frankly impressed with her daily. I mean, I write a lot but I keep most of it under wraps and I certainly don’t post daily on my own blog!

    After some exchanges of emails, and unkept promises on my part to get from the Eastside to Seattle for FGS, we finally connected (by phone) and I encouraged her to consider creating a series of the best of…for my goodness there are now nearly 1400 posts on this site?

    When we finally met face to face, I didn’t feel like I was meeting a stranger; I was meeting a kindred. And when Barb agreed to accept my offer to help her, I was thrilled. FGS has netted Barb some great friendships. And FGS netted me, Barb. FGS really is a special experience and community. Barb is an extraordinary person with a creative and compassionate heart the size of Alaska who has experienced more rough spots than I ever had–and my childhood wasn’t a bed of roses but it was a cakewalk compared to some.

    Barb’s book is the first publishing project that I have worked on in four years that has been a labor of love. It has given me access again to a sense of purpose I had lost track of. I reconnected with the force in me that had gotten overlooked. I came home to my center

    And, it’s been amusing, revealing, restoring, and an honor to bring this collection to life, and to come to know Amelia Isabel through our conversations, and Amy through her pictures, and Vicky through our FB chats and her cool drawbridge art. It’s been a joy to see my daughter and my beloved and creative Dan jump in and help; and come to the rescue in the 11th hour on some technical issues.

    It took a village, like so many things do. We all need each other and the sooner we realize that the better off we will be.

    This book is the by-product of many hours of work initially on Barb’s part and ultimately, many hours of collaboration. If you all only knew how much, you’d call us nutjobs, but I am fine with being called that; it takes devotion to write, be vulnerable and insightful, and a good grammarian. Barb excels at this in my experience. Writing is artlike therapy.

    And, it’s a big thing to put yourself out there everyday–like Barb does.

    Barb, thank you for the first co-created adventure of many to come. And the reading that goes well with my first cup of coffee…daily. Love. Love. Love.

    Time to sleep now. Then tomorrow time to spread the good word. A book is born and that can feel like giving birth to an elephant…lol

    1. No words I can come up with will be adequate to respond to your comment, Deb. I truly wouldn’t be where I am without you and everyone else who pitched in on this book. It’s truly a product of love and dedication, and I hope that will be palpable to the readers. I’m truly proud and honored to have worked with all of you.

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