The Marijuana Miracle Myth

First of all, let me say for the record that I genuinely believe that marijuana should be legalized. I live in a state where it happens to be legal, and lo and behold, the earth continues to revolve around the sun, and society as we know it has not come to a screeching halt. I also find it absurd that there are people doing serious prison time for selling marijuana to consenting adults (but sales to minors is a different kettle of fish). Overall, I believe cigarettes and alcohol do a lot more harm.

I know many people who use marijuana occasionally, a few who use it medically, and still others who abuse it. That could be said of many substances. Personally, the substance I abuse is food, which is a self-destructive, albeit socially acceptable habit.

Here’s the one issue I have with pot: a lot of people, especially the abusers, seem to be under the impression that it’s some sort of magical cure-all. We know that for some it can help with nausea, sleep, and anxiety. Wonderful. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for everything from carbuncles to cancer. It’s not going to take away your acne or wipe out malaria.

Here’s how I know this. If it were good for every health issue, then back when we were more in tune with the earth and relied on plants rather than chemicals to stay healthy, healers wouldn’t have bothered to look at any other plant besides this one if it cured everything. It’s common sense, really. Simply by trial and error, they had a much more realistic view of pot than we seem to have.

The real tragedy in all of this (or irony, depending on how you look at it), is that we probably are overlooking a lot of practical uses for cannabis, because until it is uniformly legalized, we can’t really do any in-depth scientific studies. Governments are also missing out on a phenomenal revenue source. And the industry could do with a bit of oversight.

Personally, I don’t smoke pot because it’s a depressant, and I’m already prone to depression. I can also think of much better things to do with my time and money. It’s just not something I need in my life. Still, it’s nice to have a choice, and it would be even nicer to have a highly informed one.



10 thoughts on “The Marijuana Miracle Myth

  1. Brian

    2 things. You are right in saying that pot can’t cure everything that the hype says it can. But the only reason this is true is because it can cure so much more. Just because pot can’t do this alone, does not mean that pot can’t do it. Marijuana enhances what ever is going on inside your head and psychology is the true number one factor of physical health. If someone is an experienced meditator, marijuana can be used enhance positive psychology to a a ridiculous degree. Meaning that marijuana combined with an advanced ability to control the mind and the emotions is the annihilation of any type of disease. Period. Is marijuana the magic plant? It depends. If you’ve been smart enough, wise enough, and hard working enough to master your own mind then yes it is. It’s like having the power of the universe in the palm of your hand. But if you’re paranoid and out of control, you will psychologically rape yourself on it. If you’re somewhere in the middle, it will just be an enjoyable, possibly enlightening experience. Also, it’s actually more profitable for the government to make it illegal. They get their cut on seeds, it keeps the police employed, it produces free labour for the privatised prisons, and they also get to keep all the stuff they can confiscate

      1. Brian

        If you believe in physics then you are only partially imagining you can fly. To completely imagine you can fly is to fly

      2. Brian

        The only sin is to say that the soul can’t do something. To say that the soul can’t do something is to say that the experience is superior. Reality arises and passes but the observer remains forever

  2. Are you aware that the human body has cannabinoid receptors throughout which help us regulate everything from our nervous system, digestion, brain function and so much more? Cannabis is not the only plant which has naturally occurring cannabinoids either. And of course, there are many plants in the natural world which are medicinal, not just those with cannabinoids.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      “Help us regulate” still leaves a heck of a lot of room for the ability, or lack thereof for each of us to effect change. I still maintain that cannabis requires a lot more study, and even after that study it won’t be the cure all that so many people would like it to be.

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