An Evacuation Rant

As I write this, Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on Florida. After living there for 40 years, I still have a lot of friends in that state, so I’m very worried. The only good thing about hurricanes is that they generally give you a few days’ notice, so if you have to leave, in most cases you can.

But as per usual, I’m hearing a lot of stories about people who are ignoring evacuation orders and riding out the storm. This attitude never ceases to infuriate me. Do you think that by sticking around you can somehow protect your property from a wall of wind and water? Do you think that’s the top priority of the people who love you? Selfish. Selfish. Houses can be replaced. You can’t.

It’s one thing if you can’t physically or financially leave. Some people are trapped by circumstances, and I can think of nothing more terrifying. But what really enrages me are those people who voluntarily ride it out, and then have to be rescued in the aftermath. If your stupid ass is sitting on what’s left of your roof based on your poor choices, it takes time and money to row out to get you. Time that could be better spent elsewhere. Helicopters aren’t cheap, either, nor is medical care. That’s money that your now devastated city can ill afford. And you are putting your rescuers at risk as well.

Here’s something I’ve never understood. We, the taxpayers, are left holding the financial bag when these people need to be rescued and/or buried. Why aren’t they (or their estate) presented with a bill? If you’re under a mandatory evacuation order and you ignore it, that should be your burden to bear.

End of rant. Please stay safe, everybody.


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2 thoughts on “An Evacuation Rant

  1. Angiportus

    So if the parents are a couple of idiots who move into a stormy region without preparation, and drag their poor kid along, and there is damage, does the kid have to go without help just because the parents were idiots?
    All right, it’s more’n 40 years and it wound up to be nothing more than a bad night, but still.
    I respect the right of folks to put their lives on the line, but only their OWN lives.

    1. I’m definitely not saying that ANYONE should go without help. I’m just saying if you’re stupid, you should have to pay for that help. And I’m sorry that happened to you. And yes, it’s even more outrageous when innocent children are involved.

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