What is Your Jewelry Worth?

For the first time in my life I can say I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian West. It’s got to be terrifying to have a gun pointed at your head. No doubt it’s traumatic to be robbed and to fear for your life. I hope she’ll get some therapeutic support.

But having said that, the other outrage, that no one seems to be talking about, is the fact that she had 11.2 million dollars’ worth of jewelry to steal in the first place. I can totally understand why you’d want to maintain a million dollar lifestyle. Truly, I can. I wouldn’t turn it down. But anything beyond that, you really ought to be ashamed of yourself. The fact that her jewelry alone surpasses that tells you everything that’s wrong with the one percent in this country.

How do you happily ride in your limousine past homeless people and food banks, through neighborhoods with inadequate drinking water, with 11.2 million dollars in jewelry in your suitcase? How do you sleep at night knowing that women are forced into prostitution just to feed their children and yet spend your bounty on baubles? What makes your need for a necklace supersede the need for adequate clothing for thousands of children? How do you even justify that in your mind?

I just can’t grasp the mindset. Is there something about having a big fat bank account that automatically shuts your mind off from the human condition? Do you think you have more of a right to go to bed on a full stomach than anyone else does? How can someone buy diamonds while other people are starving?

And why aren’t we more outraged?


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8 thoughts on “What is Your Jewelry Worth?

  1. Brian

    Because it’s not about justification to those people. It’s more about, ‘Why should I share any of my wealth when none of those people would do the same for me?’ Their view of the world is that no one cares about ‘ME,’ therefore there’s no reason that ‘I’ should care for others. Get it? 🙂 They usually have a lot of people around them in their daily lives but inside they can be very lonely people who might be talented at getting worldly results, but are still more vulnerable to the bitterness of bad quality relationships

  2. Betti Thomasian

    One of the reasons I started hating my mother in her later years was we were watching a 60 minutes interview with Ted Turner. The interviewer asked him how he could justify his gazillion-dollar yacht (the specific number escapes me) with its gazillion-dollar instrumentation system based on the same premise you mention today. He smirked and said something along the lines of “I deserve it.” My jaw dropped. I turned to my mother and said, what do you think of that? She said something along the lines of “those people are just looking for handouts.” This, from a woman who bitched about my father making money his god my whole life. Pfffft.

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