Making Waterfalls

There’s a certain graceful beauty in a moving drawbridge. It’s awe-inspiring to watch a million pounds of concrete and steel in motion. It says a lot about human ingenuity.

I’m lucky because as a bridgetender I get to make this happen every day. Opening a drawbridge never gets old. A friend of mine likes to say I do so with the power of my index finger. That makes me feel like Superwoman.

I love to watch the wandering shadows that my opening bridge casts when it’s sunny out. I love to feel it sway when a truck crosses over or when the wind gusts. I enjoy watching people stop to take pictures as the bridge rises. I wonder how many thousands of pictures I’ve created for people throughout the years?

But most of all, I love raising my bridge in the rain. When I do that, all the water that has accumulated on the sidewalks comes cascading down. It’s beautiful. It’s clean. (Well, it probably isn’t, but it feels that way.)

How many people get paid to make waterfalls? How lucky am I?

Brooklyn Bridge with waterfall. From an art installation in 2008.

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13 thoughts on “Making Waterfalls

  1. Hi Barb,
    I loved your book! Something about it just made me feel better about the world, you know? Like reading James Harriet. I read it while traveling and when I finished it I wrote a little note in it and left it in a little free library in Memphis. Just wanted to let you know. Now someone else can feel a little better about the world too 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you liked it. It makes me happy to know that it’s in that library, and someone might randomly come across it when then need it most. Thank you for that gift. I also hope that everyone who reads it will take the time to go to the page and leave a review. That will help me a lot.

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