You Learn Something New Every Day

Uh oh. Now I’ve done it. I’ve stumbled across a website that is sure to suck up huge chunks of my time. Because it’s fascinating. is what I found when I Googled “I want to learn something new.”

The fact is, I always want to learn something new. And this site promises that you’ll learn something new every day. And with just one visit, I already have.

On my first encounter with this site, I came across articles that answer a whole host of questions it wouldn’t have occurred to me to ask.

Does a diamond really last forever?

Why didn’t the Europeans get wiped out by Native American diseases?

That red juice in your meat isn’t blood?

What is the hardest language to learn?

Do salt and fresh water drown you in different ways?

Can your hair turn white from fright?

That’s it. I’m officially doomed. I shall forever wander the zidbits website. But I’ll be learning all sorts of new stuff in the process. When all is said and done, that’s not such a bad way to go.


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2 thoughts on “You Learn Something New Every Day

  1. OK, Barbara, here’s a website that won’t tell you anything new! Its latest media posts are about the bridges of the ship canal and one whole video about the Fremont Bridge! I had the pleasure of sitting next to the videographer, Vaun Raymond, yesterday at the Making the Cut 100 monthly meeting — a consortium of history groups participating in the centennial. I am with Fremont! chortle!

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